From 26th to 29th of April the 15th annual FiSH-film festival took place at the Rostock city harbour. More than 70 short films, documentaries, experimental films, animations and music videos were showcased in 6 different locations along the Warnow-river.


The “biggest catch” of the festival was the national young film competition JUNGER FILM. The films were displayed at M.A.U. Club with more than 70 young filmmakers coming from all over Germany to the festival. Out of 537 submissions the selection committee handpicked 33 short films that have been presented in 6 programme units.


The sold out award winning ceremony at the cinema li.wu (Lichtspieltheater Wundervoll) in FRIEDA 23 was an absolute highlight with an open jury discussion that guided the awards. 5 jury members decided upon the winners in categories “Golden FiSH”, “Silver FiSH” and “The Film of the Year”.

Film of the Year:

Irene Moray, 23-years old film director from Berlin was awarded for her short film “Bad Lesbian”.

Along with the title she received the total of 12.000 EUR. The biggest ever price consisted of 5.000 EUR provided by Kulturellen Filmförderung M-V, 2.000 EUR by Rotary Club Heiligendamm, 2.000 EUR granted by Staatskanzlei M-V and 3.000 EUR given by Helmut Rohde (Govenor District 1940, Rotary Club Heiligendamm).

Public Choice Award:

The 24-years old Michael Bohnenstingl from Ludwigsburg won people’s hearts with his animation “Bis Donnerschdag”.

He was awarded by Hanseatiatic Brewery Rostock with 777 EUR as well as 763,37 EUR public contributions.

The festival crew guided by the festival manager Arne Papenhagen have been buzzing about the pre-sold outs, such as the films “Wildes Herz”,”Über Leben in Demmin” and “Ganz unten in Rostock”. FiSH was happy to welcome more than 3600 attendees, guests and film directors this year to the festival venues.

Festival manager Arne Papenhagen, “Film of the Year” Irene Moray, Sabine Matthiesen (Kulturelle Filmförderung M-V), Reinhard Schreiber (President of Rotary Club Heiligendamm) and FiSH-endower Helmut Rohde

Michael Bohnenstingl (middle) accepts the Public Choice Award from Arne Papenhagen and Christina Höntzsch (FiSH Crew)

Golden FiSH:

awarded with 1.000 EUR by Land M-V:

  • “Ninja Motherfucking Destruction” by Lotta Schwerk, Berlin
  • “Good Night, Everybuds” by Benedict Hummel, Stuttgart
  • “Megatrick” by Anne Isensee, Berlin
  • “Demian” by Marc Sebastian Eils, Berlin

Silver FiSH:

  • “Detailverliebt” by Joschua Keßler, Darmstadt
  • “Käfer im Kopf” by Klim Danilov, Berlin
  • “Haus des Horrors” by Michael Wallraf, Wuppertal
  • “Troop Leader” by Vincent Ercolani, Mainz
  • “Scheide-Weg” by Arkadij Khaet, Ludwigsburg
  • “Mala tanzt” by Ella Knorz, Heidelberg
  • “in search of” by Daniel Faezi, München

Sputnik Award:

awarded by Kulturkosmos Müritzsee e.V.

  • “Megatrick” by Anne Isensee, Berlin
  • “in search of” by Daniel Faezi, München
  • “Bad Lesbian” by Irene Moray, Berlin