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M.A.U. Club

M.A.U. Club Rostock
Warnowufer 56
18057 Rostock

M.A.U. Club The M.A.U. Club is the home port for the competition JUNGEN FILM. As well the award ceremony followed by a party.

FRIEDA 23 | LiWu | Studio

Friedrichstraße 23
18057 Rostock

The art and media house FRIEDA 23 in Rostock hosts various cultural organizations including the Lichtspieltheater Wundervoll as well FRIEDA Studio. Furthermore it is the main venue for  SehSterne.

Peter-Weiss-Haus | PWH

Doberaner Straße 21
18057 Rostock

The Peter-Weiss-Haus was involved as a FiSH-Location for the first time in 2017. Here we show the JUNGER FILM Compact.

Circus Fantasia

Circus Fantasia
18055 Rostock

From Spring to Autumn Circus Fantasia can be found at the harbor of Rostock. This year the unique location will be the venue for the award ceremony of the Medienkompetenzpreises,  the FiSH-reception and PopFiSH.