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The national short film competition JUNGER FILM is the heart of FiSH. The participating films have a maximum length of 30 minutes and the directors have a maximum age of 27 years. In the previous year, more than 400 young directors submitted their short films in the annual competition. Every year, 30-40 of all submissions are selected to be shown during the festival.

What makes JUNGER FILM so special is the open and communicative atmosphere between film makers, the jury and the audience. It is through communication that FiSH becomes a “school of speeches about films”. After every screening, the film makers are interviewed and, in contrast to other festivals, after every film block the jury openly discusses the films on stage. By having this approach to film screening, praise and critic reach directors, actors and audience directly.


The audience listens to five film experts, such as renowned instructors Andreas Dresen („Halt auf freier Strecke“) and Sven Taddicken („Emmas Glück“) and actors/actresses like Susanne Bormann („Rubbeldiekatz“) and Charly Hübner („Das Leben der Anderen“). Every year, the members of the jury change. In previous years, the directors Özgür Yildirim, Dietrich Brüggemann and Robert Thalheim as well as actors/actresses Gabriela Maria Schmeide, Sandra Borgmann and Ronald Zehrfeld were part of the jury. There were also a variety of film editors, academics and producers.

The prominent presenters from previous years include director Axel Ranisch and Tobias Wiemann.


With a value of 9.000 Euro this is the prize for the highest jury rating of the competition JUNGER FILM. The winner will be determined in public jury voting after the medal ranks, sometimes even a runoff voting is necessary.

The cash prize of 4.000 Euro is donated in equal parts by Rotary Club Heiligendamm (for the 12th year) and the minister of culture of M-V (for the 4th year). Additionally a prize of the youth encouragement of the Kulturellen Filmförderung with a value of 5.000 Euro will be sponsored by the state government. A submitted film project needs to comply with the regulations (e.g. state relatedness) of the Kulturellen Filmförderung MV.

The winner will then be supported with the budget. It is not subject to the usual restrictions of the selection panel.

Thanks to the Prize Donators!

The cinema crew of Kulturkosmos Müritzsee e.V. is awarding the Sputnik to an extraordinary film of the JUNGER FILM competition.

The prize shall be understood as a funding for young filmmakers besides the mainstream and is endowed with 500 Euro.

FiSH is a nomination festival for the “Deutschen Nachwuchsfilmpreis” of up-and-coming. The international film festival will be held in November 2018 in Hannover.

A selection of german films will be shown alongside films from over 40 other countries. FiSH is able to nominate filmmakers for the up-and-coming competition “Deutschen Nachwuchsfilmpreis 2018”.

Filmmakers nominated by FiSH will get the chance to submit a film until September 1st 2018 for up-and-coming, which was made after January 1st 2017.

The interactive Prize of the festival “777 Euro plus X go to …” makes every festival visitor part of a big jury: the audience’s taste decides.

The 777 Euro base prize is donated by a rostocker company which knows a lot about taste: the Hanseatische Brauerei Rostock.

It’s possible to vote after every film block on a scale of 1 (phenomenal) to 6 (bummer). The voting paper can be found in the program booklet. Winner will be the film with the best average grade. But the audience doesn’t only decide, they also endow the prize: per collection box. Please let it ring (& crackle). Thank you!

The price is awarded by: the audience.

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