PopFiSH Panel 2024 – Music videos are selected!

One weekend and almost 60 music videos later. Last Friday, Martha, Andy, Borja, Hella, Jette, Anne and Pascal viewed all the submissions for PopFiSH 2024 and selected the top 10 for MV's biggest music video competition on 8 May.

JUNGER FILM Panel 2024 – short films selected

Five days and more than 400 films. We were faced with this mammoth task in the first week of February when we went to the "Young Film" screening. Our screening team of six, consisting of Hella, Friedrich, Philipp, Deniza, Ophrys and Caja, set up camp at the DockInn in Warnemünde.

New record for submissions!

Filmmakers and creative professionals had ten weeks to submit their short films and projects to us, and what can we say...wow. With 784 submissions for FiSH 2024, we set a new record - the most submissions since the festival was founded.

A visit to the ‘Nordic Film Days Lübeck’

Hi there! I'm Lina and at the moment I have the honour of doing my internship at FiSH until the end of January AND writing this little blog entry. I actually only heard about FiSH for the first time this year. But as a native of Nordhausen (I come from Thuringia), I have a small excuse for this. However, when the 'FiSH seminar' was offered at my university this summer semester, I became curious.