What do we mean by awareness?

Awareness stands for ‘mindfulness’ and ‘consciousness’. This means that we want to reflect on our own behavior, respect the boundaries of others and also communicate our own and offer help.

We do not tolerate any forms of discrimination or boundary crossing and reserve the right to expel people who are verbally or physically abusive from the festival site and to delete online abusive comments.

A safe environment at the festival is important to us, so that everyone feels comfortable. It helps if visitors know how to communicate with the festival team if this is not the case.

All festival staff are approachable and can be asked for help. You can recognize them by the yellow wrist bands. If the person you are talking to has no capacity, they will help you find the right person to contact. We listen and believe you. If you want, we will help you.

You can talk to us (also anonymously) or chat with us on a telephone number that will be published here during the festival if you have experienced or observed something unjust or if you feel uncomfortable. This also applies to participants online!

If you have any further questions, please contact