11. Jul 2023

Recap: Saturday at the FiSH

The next day opened with the fourth block of Young Cinema at 2:30 p.m. with five short films at the M.A.U. Club that embraced fantasy and cultural acceptance as well as queer tolerance. Starting with the animated film "The Glitter Problem" by nine-year-old Isabella Stiletto from Aresing, she deals with her love of unicorns in the form of a self-drawn unicorn animation. She was supported by her father in the editing. This was followed by another short film in the fantasy genre called "Der Zaubertrank".

6. Feb 2017

Auswahlgremium in Wismar

Auswahlgremium für das FiSH-Filmfestival 2017 in Wismar getroffen. 32 aus 380 Filmen aus ganz Deutschland wurden für das Programm im Mai ausgewählt.