#21 Border Conversation | Border Conversations

Documentary, 2022, 30:00 min

In November 2021, thousands of migrants will try to enter the EU via Belarus and Poland. BORDER CONVERSATIONS follows two Polish activists when they too suddenly reach their limits.
  • Director: Jonathan Brunner, 26 Y., Ludwigsburg

  • D.o.P.: Marie Scholjegerdes

  • Editor: Samuel Albert

#22 Matapacos | Matapacos

2D Animated short-film, Drama, 2022, 06:56 min

A stray dog finds a home and becomes a hero of resistance.

  • Directors: Karla Riebartsch, Lion Durst, 23 Y., Stuttgart

  • Editors: Karla Riebartsch, Viola Pröttel

#23 Gedanken über Kunst | Thoughts About Art

Experimental, 2022, 07:42 min

What is art? Since an explicit answer to this question seems impossible, it remains merely a vague thought. And how can this be done as incomprehensibly as possible? With an art film.
  • Directors: Oliver Zech, Jonathan Louis Mohr, 19 Y., Wilsdruff

  • D.o.P.: Philipp A. Berthel, Mira Naumann, Radek Dobry

  • Editors: Philipp A. Berthel, Mira Naumann, Radek Dobry

#24 Fleischwolf | Meat Grinder

Satire, 2022, 16:00 min

After a serious accident, Lizzy confronts her friends Matthew Thomas Mossbach and Rosanna with her newfound worldview, whereupon the three lose themselves in a bizarre dialogue about the circumstances of our existence.

  • Director: Noah Fritzsche, 25 Y., Bremen

  • D.o.P.: Mischa Gaeth

  • Editor: Mischa Gaeth