#16 Das Glitzerproblem | The Glitterproblem

Unicorn animation, 2023, 04:35 min

Finally the time has come! Easter-Unicorn’s sister is coming to visit Easter-Town. The only problem is: Easter-Unicorn’s sister loses glitter. And anyone who keeps losing glitter is not allowed on the train.
  • Director: Isabella Stiletto, 9 Y., Aresing

  • D.o.P.: Isabella Stiletto

  • Editors: Isabella Stiletto, Stefan Stiletto

#17 Der Zaubertrank | The magic potion

Fantasy adventure, 2022, 08:51 min

Krempe 1624: Cows are dying on the fields. The farmers’ wives Telse Evers, Stine Müller and Grete Krüger try to brew a cure. In the process, they are observed and denounced. The result is a charge of witchcraft. The three peasant women proclaim their innocence, which is why they are handed over to the torturers …
  • Directors: Christian, Fabian G., Fabian M., Fenja, Ilyas, Julian, Lilly, Malin, Paul, 10-14 Y., Hamburg

  • D.o.P.: Jugendfilm e. V.

  • Editor: Jugendfilm e. V.

#18 Alles gehört zu dir | Everything belongs to you

Short documentary, 2022, 13:00 min

Being different or not feeling like you belong is not an unfamiliar feeling for many Vietnamese-Germans and especially for Yen. From her new life in Oslo – 900 km away from her family, she embarks on a journey back to her roots: Yen’s journey & exploration of self-acceptance, identity & family.
  • Directors: Mani Pham Bui, Hien Nguyen, 20 Y., Berlin

  • D.o.P.: Kimsa Nguyen

  • Editor: Bao Nguyen

#19 The Letter | The Letter

Stop-Motion, 2021, 03:26 min

This stop motion animation is made with charcoal on paper and it is telling a story of the wish to be close to those who are far away.
  • Director: Anastasiia Guzenkova, 23 Y., Bremen

  • D.o.P.: Anastasiia Guzenkova

  • Editor: Anastasiia Guzenkova


Dramedy, 2023, 11:45 min

Christie has an unusual dog at home – her husband. Now that husband Frank has decided to happily live on as dog Franky, things are changing for Christie, too. Will their
relationship survive these extraordinary circumstances?
  • Director: Catharina Lott, 26 J., München | Production: Nora Kilroy, Jonas Windgassen

  • D.o.P.: Lea Dähne | Screenwriters: Larissa Dold, Catharina Lott

  • Editor: Catharina Lott