#10 crazy switch | crazy switch

Drama, Dark Comedy, 2022, 10:12 min

Jeremy suddenly wakes up at the breakfast table. Where is Tom? His brother is no longer there. Surely he didn’t go to school alone already? A really crazy search begins… A funny, but also dramatic short film of the study-group “Weide”, based on self-experienced stories.
  • Director: Lerngruppe Weide / Schule Am Rohns, 13 Y., Göttingen

  • D.o.P.: Niklas Rybczynski, Dennis Birkefeld

  • Editor: Dennis Birkefeld

#11 Monologue | Monologue

Self-portrait, 2021, 05:00 min

In “Monologue” I share insights into Black women’s relationship with their hair. Throughout the video, my aunts discuss the cultural and everyday aspects of their hair, providing a powerful commentary on the complex and nuanced relationship Black women have with it.
  • Director: Clarita Maria, 23 Y., Leipzig

  • D.o.P.: Will Jivcoff, Clarita Maria

  • Editor: Clarita Maria

#12 ânsia | ânsia

Body Horror, 2022, 01:22 min

A visual embodiment of the oppressive feeling of emotional restlessness and panic.

  • Director: André Correia, 24 Y., Berlin

  • D.o.P.: André Correia

  • Editor: André Correia

#13 See You Soon | See You Soon

Drama, 2022, 05:27 min

A young Ukrainian couple are separated after the outbreak of war in their home country and face an uncertain future.
  • Director: Alexander Knauer, 26 Y., Weimar

  • D.o.P.: Joshua Reiher

  • Editor: Alexander Knauer

#14 Territory | Territory

Experimental, 2022, 10:10 min

Different bodies shed their skin and venture into the dark and unexplored vacuum outside their territory. We experience this story as a sequence of inner images guided by a collage of biographical narratives of gender travelers.
  • Director: Julian Quentin, 23 Y., ln

  • D.o.P.: Borislav Salatino

  • Editor: Julian Quentin

#15 Die Telefonzelle | the phonebooth

Comedy, 2022, 10:53 min

Tom wants to throw a surprise party for his best friend Anna, with whom he is a bit in love. Unfortunately, the bar has screwed up his reservation – and the only room available at short notice is the phone booth in the backyard. Tom tries everything to throw the “party of the year” anyway.
  • Directors: Kilian Bohnensack, Lukas März, 22 Y., München

  • D.o.P.: Manuel Lübbers

  • Editor: Lukas März