Jury | OFFshorts

Miguel Ferráez

born Mexico City 1989, quarantined in Leipzig since 17.03.2020

  • born and raised in Mexico

  • learnt english in Venezuela

  • small-town emo-rockstar in Ocoyoacac (2005-2012)

  • punkrock filmmaker (1999-)

  • works together with german video-artist and sonntagskind Clara Winter

  • both are winners of the german short film award and the mexico city youth award (2nd place)

filmography (selection)
2019 – Wir Sprechen Heute Noch Deutsch, 2017 – Poor People Relax Me, 2015 – Postcolonialism in 30sqm, 2013 – El Cursor Intermitente, 1999 – La bola roja

Bartosz Filip

Film expert, Ph.D, lecturer at the University of Gdansk, Culture manager Born in 1983 in Gdynia (Poland), lives and works in Gdynia-Gdansk (Poland)

  • since 2008: employed in The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre (Gdansk, Poland)

  • 2012: obtained a doctoral degree in film studies at the University of Gdansk (Poland)

  • since 2012: employed at the University of Gdansk (Poland), specialty: film history, film aesthetics, culture management

  • since 2013: The One Minute Film Festival’s curator

  • 2016: editor of the book „Orson Welles: creation – reception – legacy”

  • since 2017: deputy editor-in-chief of the publishing series „Script. Notebooks of the Gdynia Film School”

  • since 2018: member of the team of the project „FilmNet – South Baltic Film & Culture Network

photo: Victor Puigcerver

Irene Moray

Born in Barcelona in 1992. Photographer & Filmmaker. Currently working (and quarantined) in Barcelona

  • 2010 – starts her studies in Fine Arts in the University of Barcelona but quits after one year

  • 2012 – moves to Berlin, works as a cleaner, photographer and performs in the collective the–family in several galleries around Europe

  • 2014 – she shoots her first fiction short film, Bad Lesbian. She doesn’t know yet that it will take her up to 3 years to finish it

  • 2015 – she manages to quit all the other jobs and work exclusively as a photographer

  • 2016 – moves back to Barcelona

  • 2018 – she attends to F.i.S.H. and wins Film des Jahres award for Bad Lesbian

  • 2019 – she shoots Suc de síndria, which premiers in Berlinale Shorts, is nominated to the European Film Awards and wins the Goya Academy Award for Best Fiction Short Film

  • 2020 – she is still alive

filmography (selection)
2019 – Suc de síndria (Watermelon Juice),  2018 – Bad Lesbian

Saara Mildeberg

Born & raised by the Baltic Sea. Currently self-isolated in Rostock.

  • 2010s — odd jobs at film festivals around Europe

  • 2020 — FiSH OFFshorts coordinator & jury moderator