Orphea in Love

Feature film, DE, 2022, R: Axel Ranisch, 101 min 

The young call center agent Nele falls in love with the petty criminal street dancer Kolya. She is Orpheus. He is Eurydice. Her means of expression is singing, which is articulated through his dancing. For her great love, she descends into the underworld, confronts her old demons and learns to trust again.


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Axel Ranisch

  • Born in 1983 as the overweight child of two competitive athletes in Berlin, Lichtenberg
  • After many years of critical distancing from the medium of film, Axel accidentally shot his first short film and was incurably infected with the film virus from then on
  • Film directing studies at the HFF “Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam Babelsberg
  • With his short and feature films, Axel travels to film festivals all over the world
  • Specialist in the field of classical music. Axel sings loudly and dances like a little ballerina despite his physical appearance
  • Regularly stages operas in Munich, Stuttgart and Lyon

Filmography (selection)

  • Trittico/ Oper (2022)
  • Nackt über Berlin (2022)
  • Rigoletto/ Oper (2020)
  • Alki Alki (2014)
  • Ich fühl mich Disco (2013)
  • Reuber (2013)
  • Dicke MÄdchen (2011)