#31 liebster alfred | dearest alfred

Experimental | Lyric, 2022, 03:55 min

Alfred, a long-forgotten friend who disappeared in the wild drifting of a city. Maybe Alfred doesn‘t even exist, maybe he is much more the personification of a
feeling, a condition. A poetic reflection on
the fear of sinking in a city and the recurring loneliness.

  • Director: Luna Jordan
    19 Y., Berlin

  • DoP: Laurids Schürmann, Paraschiva Dragus

  • Editor: Luna Jordan

#32 Nicht weit raus | Not far out

Documental Drama, 2021, 11:46 min

For his training extreme swimmer Miguel
goes to the sea at dawn. On this day the sea is rough and he has trouble staying afloat.
In his fear, he makes a terrible discovery.

  • Director: Beran Ergün
    23 Y., Mainz

  • DoP: Andrej Justus

  • Editor: Leif Plath


Adventure, 2022, 05:40 min

If your mother is a strawberry and your father a pineapple, what kind of fruit are you and where is your home? On a sometimes funny, sometimes sadsurrealistic journey through life, FRU-FRU looks for the answers to these questions and finds them within itself.

  • Director: Anastasija Kretzschmar
    24 Y., Berlin

  • DoP: Anastasija Kretzschmar

  • Editor: Mona Velz

#34Связь | Connection

Experimental, 2021, 05:45 min

A ship moves slowly over waves, a conversation runs over other waves. The movements can stop suddenly, but a connection remains.

  • Director: Serafima Orlova
    24 Y., Hamburg

  • DoP: Serafima Orlova

  • Editor: Serafima Orlova

#35 Winter Colours | Winter Colours

Animation, 2020, 09:20 min

A woman tells her childhood story. She lives with her father in the Polish industrial city of Katowice. Her mother has been gone for
a long time and her father represses it.
But the child tries to keep her memory alive
and uses the creations of her imagination
to do so.

  • Director: Adrianna Wieczorek
    25 Y., Köln

  • DoP: Ernesto Ojeda Sosa

  • Editor: Adrianna Wieczorek