#21 Take heart! | Take heart!

Stop Motion, 2021, 07:58 min

The barriers are in the head. Leonard sets off to a waterfall. The path requires courage and overcoming. He makes it, is very proud and is about to leave when he hears cries for help from the ravine below the waterfall. In order to help and possibly save a life, he would have to jump into the roaring waters…

  • Director: Lilith Jörg,14 Y., Schramberg

  • DoP: Lilith Jörg

  • Editor: Lilith Jörg

#22 bike2go | bike2go

Comedy, 2021, 03:38 min

Today in the studio: the legendary Laurenz Butzbach. He tells us about his career as a professional biker and gives tips on how to recognise a good bike.

  • Director: Hendrik Schücke & Laurenz Schön, 15 Y., Wiesbaden

  • DoP: Lara Weiten

  • Editor: Hendrik Schücke & Laurenz Schön

#23 Woke up like this | Woke up like this

Animation, 2021, 04:39 min

Beauty filters, thigh gaps, influencers – the documentary animated film “Woke up like this“ shows weird to frightening insights into the world of social media.

  • Director:Lisa Hingerl, Leonie Hofmann, 24 Y., Fahrenzhausen

  • DoP: Lisa Hingerl, Leonie Hofmann

  • Editor: Lisa Hingerl, Leonie Hofmann


Poetry-Shortfilm, 2021, 03:31 min

Dance until no one bothers you any more. “JENGA“ is an interdisciplinary spoken word project to come to terms with the experience of sexual violence. A poetry clip with Lila Sovia and a hip-hop breakdance crew consisting of FLINTA+ people (female, lesbian, inter, trans, agender).


  • Director: Muriel Hardt, Sovia Szymula 19 & 22 Y., Berlin & Hamburg

  • DoP: Lucas Betz

  • Editor: Lucas Betz

#25 Das werden Sie noch bereuen | You‘ll regret it!

Gangstercomedy, 2021, 14:16 min

Frankie is fired from Moneyhigh GmbH and therefore raids the corporation 10 years later with bank robber Chantal. But the safe is empty, everything is digital. They now kidnap Frankie‘s former boss and blackmail the management. A case for the detectives “The Three Lupins“ and star reporter Justin Davis!


  • Director:Alexandra, Anastasia, Christian, Fabian, Felix, Flora, Frieda, Ilyas, Jade, Jonas, Lara, Martin, Maximilian, Tjark

    9-14 Y., Hamburg

  • DoP: Jugendfilm e. V.

  • Editor: Jugendfilm e. V.