Online from May 1st to May 8th 2020

Trailer: Rabauke Filmproduktion, ♡

#18 Gjeteren | The Shepherd

Drama, 2018, 17:17 min
recommended to ages 12 and older

While driving to a wedding, a Kurdish family hits a wild animal. The father, Aram, is forced to decide whether he should kill the animal or attempt to rescue it. Later it becomes clear how Aram struggles to find a place both in his new country as well as within his own family.

Regie | director Brwa Vahabpour
24 years old, Oslo
Kamera | d.o.p Annicken Aasheim
Montage | editor Bjørn Straumsnes

#19 Oddech | Breath

Animation, 2019, 01:00 min
recommended to ages 6 and older

The moment of respite or agitation? Letting mind free or fighting with thoughts? A poetic animation film created in a traditional way by painting under the camera.

Regie | director Aneta Siurnicka
21 years old, Poznań
Kamera | d.o.p Aneta Siurnicka
Montage | editor Aneta Siurnicka

#20 Poolboy | Poolboy

Drama, 2019, 07:15  min
recommended to ages 12 and older

In a pool after closing hours, a lifeguard meets a woman. She refuses to leave and after some persuasion he agrees to give her a few minutes. However her intentions are something else than swimming.

Regie | director Margareta Orkan
26 years old, Tromsø
Kamera | d.o.p Eirik Nicolai Heim
Montage | editor Hanna Suni

#21 Kai perplauksi upę | When You Cross the River

Drama, 2018, 29:44 min
recommended to ages 12 and older

Spring of 1990. Economic blockade in the newly independent Lithuania. Ukrainian student arrives to a small town in Lithuania, to a big house, where his secretly beloved Regina lives. However, the appearance of this unexpected guest only causes more tensions in Regina’s family. She has to make a decision: stay loyal to her parents, or follow her future with Taras.

Regie | director Klaudija Matvejevaitė
23 J., Vilnius
Kamera | d.o.p Odeta Riškutė
Montage | editor Klaudija Matvejevaitė

#21 Animals  | Animals

Animation, 2019, 06:33 min
recommended to ages 16 and older

The wild transformation of nine people stuck in a metro.

Regie | director Tue Sanggaard
26 years old
Kamera | d.o.p Tue Sanggaard, Elisabeth Vahle Janerka, Lamberto Anderloni
Montage | editor Tue Sanggaard

#23 Kriger | Warrior

Comedy | drama, 2019, 07:21 min
recommended to ages 12 and older

Asta is living in two different worlds.  One, as Isiodith the elf who fearless battle her enemies, and one, where she lives out her parents’ dream to become a great football player. After an incident at a café, she has to decide on whether to unite the two worlds or continue to keep them apart. 

Regie | director Sia Thit Tuborgh Solmer
17 years old, Espergærde
Kamera | d.o.p Frida Mathilde Ahrensberg
Montage | editor Lærke Mai Bjellekjær Aggestrup, Sia Thit Tuborgh Solmer

#23 Strawberry Boys | Strawberry Boys

Documentary, 2018, 20:46 min
recommended to ages 12 and older

A short tragicomedy about a teenage boy called Hubert, who dreams about a career in disco-polo music. He lives in the countryside with his parents who cultivate strawberries for a living.

Regie | director Michał Toczek
22 years old, Łódź
Kamera | d.o.p Michał Toczek
Montage | editor Szymon Kuczynski

#25 VokseVærk | Sudden Growth

Animation, 2018, 05:23 min
recommended to ages 12 and older

It all starts out in an idyllic childhood but then bodies start changing, limbs grow rapidly and hairs turn up in the most unexpected places. For some it happens early, while others are left behind. This stop-motion animated short tells the story of going through puberty in a humorous and honest way.

Regie | director Sine Juhl
22 years old, Berlin
Kamera | d.o.p Sine Juhl
Montage | editor Sine Juhl

#25 Ta hand om en kille  | To Fix a Guy

Short feminist comedy, 2019, 10:12 min
recommended to ages 12 and older

A deft tale about My and Sally that are living the good life until one day the doorbell rings and a dude is standing outside. He seems to be in need of help and they immediately start taking care of him. Before they know it, his presence has taken over their lives and they desperately need to find a way to get rid of him. 

Regie | director Astrid Söderberg
22 years old, Gothenburg
Kamera | d.o.p Linnea Romeling
Montage | editor Astrid Söderberg

#27 La Dolce Vita | La Dolce Vita

Western, 2018, 05:53 min
recommended to ages 12 and older

The desires and obsessions of three souls clash on the side of an eerie forest.

Regie | director Henri Veermäe
22 years old, Tallinn
Kamera | d.o.p Henri Veermäe
Montage | editor Henri Veermäe

#28 Esmu divdomīgs | I Am Ambiguous

Absurd comedy, 2018, 17:33 min
recommended to ages 12 and older

The photographer has lived his life by doing the same things over and over again. For one day, the photographer experiences situations that reflect the ambiguous nature of his mind.

Regie | director Elizabete Mežule-Gricmane
26 years old, Riga
Kamera | d.o.p Mārtiņš Jansons
Montage | editor Mārtiņš Kontants, Elizabete Mežule-Gricmane

#29 Afterparty | Afterparty

Experimental animation, 2019, 04:10 min
recommended to ages 12 and older

Afterparty is a portrayal of an old person’s last moments and the value of microfungi, bacteria and other small entities living with us. Human world meets nonhuman in this psychedelic short film which mixes different animation techniques.

Regie | director Lauri Pulkkinen, Hertta Lehtovirta, Sanna Liinamaa,
Janne Häkkinen, Ulrika Fredrikson
22 years old, Helsinki
Kamera | d.o.p Lauri Pulkkinen, Hertta Lehtovirta, Sanna Liinamaa,
Janne Häkkinen, Ulrika Fredrikson
Montage | editor Lauri Pulkkinen, Sanna Liinamaa, Janne Häkkinen

#30 Ekskursion | Field Trip

Comedy | drama, 2019, 13:53 min
recommended to ages 12 and older

An ordinary family takes a day-trip into the beautiful nature without any technology, to regain contact with each other. They don’t seem to know each other anymore, but eventually the family gets confronted with the force of nature as they encounter a savaged sheep and conflicts start to reach the surface. 

Regie | director Malthe Kalbakk Elgaard
20 years old, Harlev J.
Kamera | d.o.p Christine Wennerstrøm Radl
Montage | editor Jens Nordhausen


Online from May 1st to May 8th 2020