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#1 The Search | The Search

Superhero |  Advertising | Action | Romance | West | ASMR | Children’s series, 2019, 14:43 min
recommended for ages 6 and older | English Q & A

Every film starts with an idea… Or not? In “The Search”, the two protagonists Dennis Lehner and Tobias Mundigl are looking for a suitable idea for their school film project, and immerse themselves in the experience of various film genres.

Regie | director Dennis Lehner, Tobias Mundigl
17 years old, Regensburg
Kamera | d.o.p Jonathan Market
Montage | editor Dennis Lehner, Tobias Mundigl

#2 Liebe im Schlamm | Love of Mud

Animation, 2018, 02:00 min
recommended for ages
12 and older | English Q & A

Love of mud is an animated shortfilm, set to serene piano music by johannes brahms. in bittersweet scenes we see a lovestruck young man thoughtlessly capturing and killing animals in order to impress his lady.

Regie | director Petra Stipetic
26 years old, Kassel
Kamera | d.o.p Petra Stipetic
Montage | editor Petra Stipetic
Web www.fishyfilms-animation.de

#3 Tanz mit der Angst | Dancing with Fear

Drama, 2020, 05:02 min
recommended for ages 12 and older | English Q & A

“Marie?” “Yes?” “Am I hiding too often?” A young woman comes home, frustrated that she didn’t speak her mind, again. When she discovers a bolder, more confident version of herself in her closet, the line between what she is and what she desires to be starts blurring.

Regie | director Anna Leah Bolln
20 years old, Dieburg
Kamera | d.o.p Nadine Habash
Montage | editor Nadine Habash

#4 VR oder ( trugbilder einer familie )  | VR or ( mirages of a family )

Experimental, Independent, Drama, Art House, 2019, 10:05 min
recommended for ages 12 and older | English Q & A

The interface between opposing realities is torn apart. Passions and fears of unbelievable strength connect and separate siblings. What remains: the search for love — an escape to another reality?

Regie | director Jonas Erler | asymmtry collective
19 years old, Mittweida
Kamera | d.o.p Marian Röder
Montage | editor Marian Röder
Web www.instagram.com/asymmtry

#5 ZMS – Frissy | ZMS – Frissy

Music video, 2019, 03:06 min
recommended for ages 12 and older | English Q & A

ZMS addresses sexism in the German rap community. While the lyrics consist of YouTube comments discrediting female rap artists, the music video sarcastically reproduces male rap stereotypes.

Regie | director Elisabeth Peuckert, Franziska Weber
25 years old, Radolfzell
Kamera | d.o.p Elisabeth Peukert, Franziska Weber
Montage | editor Elisabeth Peukert, Franziska Weber

#6 In den Binsen | Rushes

Comedy, 2020, 06:04 min
recommended for ages 12 and older | English Q & A

After a long night of partying, Christoph accompanies his mother on a hunting trip. He is already at the end of his strength upon arrival, and half-drunk, he decides to spontaneously come out of the closet. During the most important sentence, his mother shoots a deer. 

Regie | director Clara Zoe My-Linh von Arnim
24 years old, Berlin
Kamera | d.o.p Raban Jakob Friedrich
Montage | editor Simon Adegbenro
Web www.dffb.de/films/in-den-binsen/

#7 Tomorrow Maybe – a film about you and me | Tomorrow Maybe – a film about you and me

Short Fiction, 2019, 03:38 min
recommended for ages 12 and older | English Q & A

Temperatures constantly rising due to greenhouse gases, and evergrowing plastic islands in the sea. This is the status quo, that is how we live. “Tomorrow Maybe” is a short film questioning our habits and their influence.

Regie | director Anna Fechtig
23 years old, Berlin
Kamera | d.o.p Anna Fechtig
Montage | editor Anna Fechtig
Web www.vimeo.com/annafechtig

#8 My Finest Work Yet  | My Finest Work Yet

Drama, 2019, 15:00 min
recommended for ages 12 and older | English Q & A

One statue, two friends, and a rainy working day. Two teenagers killing time together.

Regie | director Pablo Koenig
17 years old, Tuttlingen
Kamera | d.o.p Philipp Merkel
Montage | editor Pablo Koenig, Philipp Merkel

#9 Darauf Reimt Sich Tütiti | It Rhymes With Tütiti

Documentary, 2019, 05:33 min
recommended for ages 12 and older | English Q & A

The king of Augsburg is not a social dropout. Because in order to drop out, you have to get in first. He seeks for naturalness, revolutionises time, rearranges letters and crowns himself. A film about a man who doesn’t fit in, who never wanted to fit in.

Regie | director Maximilian Glas
20 years old, Berlin
Kamera | d.o.p Maximilian Glas
Montage | editor Maximilian Glas
Web www.maximilianglas.de


Experimental, 2019, 03:14 min
recommended for ages 12 and older | English Q & A

“We should run. They told me to run and I ran. With the goal constantly in mind.”

Regie | director Robert Emil Tappe
16 years old, Lage
Kamera | d.o.p Robert Emil Tappe
Montage | editor Robert Emil Tappe
Web www.tapperobert.com

#11 Look Me in the Eyes | Look Me in the Eyes

Documentary, 2019, 07:46 min
recommended for ages 12 and older | English Q & A

“Look Me in the Eyes” is a documentary about the life of a young girl reflecting on her provocative behaviour on one night and the following hangover-induced day. She poses the question of how would it be possible to get out of the vicious circle of choosing the wrong men, and discovers the origin of the problem.

Regie | director Celia Dahrendorf
19 years old, Hamburg
Kamera | d.o.p Rollo van Wijk
Montage | editor Celia Dahrendorf

#12 Becky’s weightloss palace | Becky’s weightloss palace

Comedy | Satire, 2019, 07:59 min
recommended for ages 12 and older | English Q & A

Anorexia. What we see in the media are undernourished and breastless female skeletons who pull out their hair in tufts and suck one slice of cucumber after another. That doesn’t help anyone. Becky has another answer.

Regie | director Bela Brillowska
14 years old, Hamburg
Kamera | d.o.p Bela Brillowska
Montage | editor Bela Brillowska

#13 Gucke Her | Looky Here

Musicvideo, 2019, 04:01 min
recommended for ages 12 and older | English Q & A

Roy and Ali want to make a great Instagram Story. In order to do this, they first have to define their muscles.

Regie | director Konrad Jackisch
26 years old, Leipzig
Kamera | d.o.p Laila Uhl
Montage | editor Alexander Zenker
Web www.moinis.de

#14 Moderne Liebe | Modern Love

Romance | Avant-Garde, 2020, 30:54 min
recommended for ages 12 and older | English Q & A

What happens to love when the human face is replaced by a screen? Ian experiences the consequences of this social fragmentation first-hand. He is rapidly sliding into alienation. The only ray of hope in his bleak existence is Sofia, a young woman that Ian has never met.

Regie | director Leonard Geisler
24 years old, Berlin
Kamera | d.o.p Mirko Hans
Montage | editor Hoang Quynh Nguyen
Web www.vimeo.com/schattenspieltheater


#15 Dein André | Yours, André

Drama, 2019, 01:46 min
recommended for ages 12 and older | English Q & A

André runs a podcast to help battered souls to find the way to themselves. But this path contains at least as many obstacles as our everyday life. This is not only for the young Nadine to realise…

Regie | director Malte Pell
22 years old, Hamburg
Kamera | d.o.p Malte Pell, Nico Rüter
Montage | editor Malte Pell, Nico Rüter
Web www.hermelinfilm.de



Essay film, 2019, 9:47 min
recommended for ages 12 and older | English Q & A

A group of hobbyists are puzzled by three mysterious stone figures with their vulvae unabashedly exposed. The reflection of a woman breaks free. A deity makes her way through the forest.

Regie | director Alma W.Bär
26 years old, Dresden
Kamera | d.o.p Joey Arand
Montage | editor Monika Kostrzewa
Web www.vimeo.com/meisenfilm


#17 Captain Gaza | Captain Gaza

tragic-comedy, 2019, 12:55 min
recommended for ages 12 and older | English Q & A

The 16-year-old Yara is too German for her father and too foreign for the Nazis in the village. She is caught in the middle and therefore wants to become the superheroine Captain Gaza. In search of heroic deeds and opportunities to prove herself, she only finds bike thieves and knocked-over trash cans. But then her brother gets beaten up.

Regie | director Mario Möller
25 years old, Lemgo
Kamera | d.o.p Max Ruploh
Montage | editor Mitja Hantke




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