PopFiSH Jury 2022

Dilan Aytac
Festivalorganization of Freiland & Neolink Festival, Berlin

  • 2021 first experiences in organizing festivals» since then over the summer in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
  • engaged in different cultural projects
  • as the director of Kulturgut Freiland e.V., she has been passionately organizing the Freiland Festival for several years(Broock, Alt-Tellin)
  • Organizational consultant and event strategist with project laboratory UNLEISE
  • advises numerous NGOs and social startups on the design of in-house and public events

Birgit and Horst Lohmeyer
Initiators and directors of the „Jamel rockt den Förster“ festival

  • author / journalist and musician / craftsman
  • since 2007, the festival in their home village of Jamel has been a defense against the village being taken over by ethnic Nazi families
  • also volunteers in political education work

Friederike Tesch
Advisory board member immergutrocken e. V., freelance event manager, maker & Content Creator

  • has been involved with immergutrocken e.V. for about 15 years, which organizes the Immergut Festival in Neustrelitz every year at the end of May
  • takes care of topics such as infrastructure, security, awareness and work with young people
  • has worked at re:publica or the Lollapalooza, splash! and MELT Festival
  • For some time now she has also been acting as Rike Radlader as a maker and content creator, where she combines craftsmanship with feminist topics and regularly invites guests to her workshop