OFFshorts | terms and conditions

We accept films

  • of all Topics and Genres

  • by filmmakers from the Baltic region, who were no older than 26 years when the film was completed

  • that do not exceed a runtime of 30 minutes (exceptions will be taken into account, if it is justified by the film’s quality)

  • that have been finished after January 1st, 2021

General information

OFFshorts is organized by the Institute for new media Rostock in collaboration with various film festivals and associations in the Baltic Sea area such as NUFF, Novemberfestivalen, 48h of Hygge, Kino Pavasaris and many more

  • no submission fees will be charged for the competition

  • a selection committee decides until February about the admission for the competition in the festival

  • the selected films will be publicly discussed by a jury of experts

  • decisions and discussions of the jury is unimpeachable.

Provisions on copyright and performing rights

  • every film submission has to include information about the filmmakers (all creative parties)

  • external services in idea, picture and sound are to be disclosed

  • possible rights of third parties must not be violated

  • all rights to the films remain with the filmmakers

  • by recognition of the competitive conditions, filmmakers consent to the usage of their films for the public relations work of the festival and to the duplication of their film for the archive at the Institute for New Media

  • with admission of films to the competition, the organiser requests consent to broadcasting via the Open Channels of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

  • the screening, publishing or making of copies by the organiser requires explicit permission by the filmmakers

  • all performing rights of the film within the course of the festivals are held by the submitting party and are declared by them

Technical information

  • preview copies can be submitted in .mp4 format via DVD, Blu-Ray, USB flash drive or a weblink (such as Vimeo, Dropbox, YouTube). A file in H.264-Codec in FullHD is sufficient

  • screening copies are to be submitted in the highest possible quality, ideally in ProRes or comparable Codecs, via download link, on DVD, Blu-Ray or a USB flash drive as a single file. The video resolution should not fall below 1920×1080

  • the submission deadline for preview copies will be disclosed to the Filmmakers by the organiser

  • sent in data carriers and transmitted data must be labeled in an easily legible and durable way, with information about the film title, names of the submitting party, year of production as well as the running time of the movie

  • return of the data carriers is only possible if the postal charges are provided by the submitting party

  • the organiser shall not be liable for damages or loss of any kind

final provision

By submitting to the OFFshorts competition, the filmmakers accept the above terms and conditions. 

Stand: Oktober 2021