The Ordinaries

Feature film, DE, 2022, R: Sophie Linnenbaum, 120 min 

Paula wants a glamorous life with her own storyline, exciting scenes and full of music – not like her mother, who works as a supporting character in the background. Investigations lead them to the despised, repressed outtakes, flawed people on the fringes of society. Paula begins to doubt herself, her place in the story and those who are telling it.


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Sophie Linnenbaum

  • Born and raised in Nürnberg
  • Studied psychology and worked as a playwright
  • Film studies at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
  • Her films have received numerous awards and have been screened at numerous national and international festivals
  • Collects meaningful quotes from trash formats and cultivates a serious passion for spaghetti ice cream, good books and Brecht

Filmography (selection)

  • Druck (2020 und 2022)
  • Väter Unser (2021)
  • Das Mensch (2019)
  • Rien ne va plus (2017)
  • Pix (2017)