Medienkompetenz-Preis 2023

Thursday, 27.04., 15.30 – 17.45, M.A.U. Club


RAAbatz Medienwerkstatt

The FAMILIEN.MEDIENTAG Waren offered children, young people, families and interested parties the opportunity to find out about current developments in the media world and to discover media across the generations and try them out on the spot – there was something suitable for everyone.

  • City: Waren (Müritz)


  • Project type: Educational event

  • Category: Childhood and elderly

Integrative Kita Arche Noah Gadebusch

Children developed the story “The Little Mule and the Whale”, which was implemented with a picture book and cartoon, up to the premiere in the day care center. The objects, sounds, a song came from the children themselves. Parents were taken over. Educators used the project as a training format.

  • City: Gadebusch

  • Title: Der kleine Muli und der Wal

  • Project type: Cross-media

  • Category: Childhood and elderly

Jugendkunstschule Vorpommern-Rügen

Young people from a small village are waiting at a bus stop. A YouTuber from Berlin appears who makes fun of country life on his channel and uses clichés. But the group is tough. She defends her way of life and her homeland not only verbally but also on film.
  • City: Bergen auf Rügen, Stralsund

  • Title: Landeier 2.0 – Provinz ist nur ein Ort im Kopf

  • Project type: Cross-media

  • Category: Free time and participation

Zebef e.V.

Planned as a theater project, LuLu’s Awakening became a major multimedia event due to the pandemic – (not only) young people came together online, made short films, painted, made music & thought up a digital scavenger hunt. In 2022, the ensemble shot a multi-genre film that was shown in cinemas.

  • City: Ludwiglust

  • Title: LuLu’s Erwachen (Teil 1 und 2)

  • Project type: Cross-media

  • Category: Free time and participation

Käthe-Kollwitz-Grundschule Greifswald

Since we spent our school life almost exclusively under pandemic conditions, there is a great wish that scientists will succeed in rendering the dangerous virus harmless as soon as possible. Some virus killing device ideas are just waiting to be finally produced.

  • City: Greifswald

  • Title: Virenvernichtung

  • Project type: Video

  • Category: School and education

Internationalen Summerschool am Gymnasium Carolinum Neustrelitz

The “International Summer School” takes place at our school every year. In 2022, the focus was on the topic of “man and nature”. We found the topic of “moor” and its role in climate change particularly exciting and produced a docu-learning video for schoolchildren.
  • City: Große Rosin, Neustrelitz

  • Title: Die Moore und ihre Rolle im Klimawandel

  • Project type: Video

  • Category: School and education

Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste Landesverein Mecklenburg- Vorpommern e.V. IJGD

Jugendbude Wismar brings together young war refugees and local youth regardless of nationality and culture. Our goal: intercultural learning & media competence. Together we dubbed a live-action puppet into Russian and shot an image film about our group.

  • City: Wismar

  • Title: Jugendbude Wismar dreht ab

  • Project type: Cross-media

  • Category: Dig deeper

SEELAND Medienkooperative e. V.

Friction with the world, with the group, with oneself. Friction creates movement, encounters and change. The multimedia educational project “Frictional Resistance” aims to impart knowledge and encourage people to think and act independently. As artistic personalities, the young participants in six workshops deal with the topics of “climate”, “migration” and “conflict” and develop a public joint exhibition in an intensive six months.

  • City: Neustrelitz, Feldberg, Klein Trebbow

  • Title: Reibungswiderstand

  • Project type: Multimedia art project

  • Category: Dig deeper