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The national short film competition JUNGER FILM is the heart of FiSH. The participating films have a maximum length of 30 minutes and the directors have a maximum age of 27 years. In the previous year, more than 400 young directors submitted their short films in the annual competition. Every year, 30-40 of all submissions are selected to be shown during the festival.

What makes JUNGER FILM so special is the open and communicative atmosphere between film makers, the jury and the audience. It is through communication that FiSH becomes a “school of speeches about films”. After every screening, the film makers are interviewed and, in contrast to other festivals, after every film block the jury openly discusses the films on stage. By having this approach to film screening, praise and critic reach directors, actors and audience directly.

The competition will organized by: Bundesverband Deutscher Film-Autoren (BDFA) and  Bundesverband Jugend und Film e.V. (BJF) and arranged by Institut für neue Medien Rostock.

The audience listen to five film experts, such as renowned instructors Andreas Dresen („Halt auf freier Strecke“) and Sven Taddicken („Emmas Glück“) and actors/actresses like Susanne Bormann („Rubbeldiekatz“) and Charly Hübner („Das Leben der Anderen“). Every year, the members of the jury change. In previous years, the directors Özgür Yildirim, Dietrich Brüggemann and Robert Thalheim as well as actors/actresses Gabriela Maria Schmeide, Sandra Borgmann and Ronald Zehrfeld were part of the jury. There were also a variety of film editors, academics and producers.


The prominent presenters from previous years include director Axel Ranisch and Tobias Wiemann.

The winner of the JUNGER FILM award gets the prize money in the amount of 9.000 Euro. The prize money is divided in two; 4.000 Euro is the trophy, which is funded by the Rotary Club Heiligendamm and the Ministry of Culture. The rest of the prize money is a 5.000 Euro production budget from the government that supports film projects.

Moreover, an audience prize, a Sputnik prize as well as Gold-, Silver- and Bronze medals are given away at the FiSH festival.  The many films also compete to become a part of upcoming international partner festivals.

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