Recap of the Festival Saturday at FiSH 2023

The text was written as part of a seminar at the University of Rostock and was written by students! Have fun!

The next day opened with the fourth block of Young Cinema at 2:30 p.m. with five short films at the M.A.U. Club that embraced fantasy and cultural acceptance as well as queer tolerance. Starting with the animated film “The Glitter Problem” by nine-year-old Isabella Stiletto from Aresing, she deals with her love of unicorns in the form of a self-drawn unicorn animation. She was supported by her father in the editing. This was followed by another short film in the fantasy genre called “Der Zaubertrank”. The filmmakers, aged between 10 and 14, were inspired by the witch burnings, which they realized in a fantasy adventure with a happy ending completely without a script. The third film, “Alles gehört zu dir,” a short documentary by 20-year-old filmmakers, took up the theme of self-acceptance as a Vietnamese person among Germans. The five-member team focused on openness to other cultures. The program continued with the stop-motion short film “The letter,” which 23-year-old Anastasiia Guzenkova drew by hand with charcoal. Here a story is told about the desire to be close to those who are far away. Concluding Block 4 of the Young Film was the dramedy “FRANKY” by 26-year-old Catharina Lott. The short film dealt with queer acceptance of pubplay and how a fetish becomes a hobby. Furthermore, boundaries and breaking out of the everyday quality of life are addressed as themes. The jury spoke with mainly positive feedback on the fourth block. However, the last short film was discussed a bit more critically, as it caused confusion in the audience for the most part. After Block 4 of the Young Film, the M.A.U.Club filled up with interested people for the second block of OFFshorts. The start was made by the comedy “Thu and the dragon” by 24-year-old Teresa Juksaar from Estonia. In this one, Aunt Tiiu hosts a dance class where more people show up than expected. Unfortunately, this is related to a dragon problem outside the house, but they dance anyway. The dragon accompanied the short film as a symbol for the lockdown, in which also the idea of the film originated. We continued with “water lullaby”, an animated music video by 16-year-old Piotr Kaźmietczak from Poland, last year’s winner. In fact, this is an official video clip for the aforementioned song from the album “Waterduction” by the famous Polish folk music band “Warsaw Village Band”. The production of the film, stop-motion animated with sand, lasted six months. The third short film of the second block of OFFshorts called “The end of originality” dealt with the monotony among people who always move in the stream and who could be described as “followers”, as they are only inspired by others and have hardly any ideas of their own to implement. After that, the documentary “Time to revolt” by Daniel Le Hai took over the screen.