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Freitag 18:30 | Peter-Weiss-Haus

Go Fish | Fisk

Short, fiction, comedy, Denmark, 2017, 3:08 min

Two gangsters are playing a game of “Go Fish” when they’re suddenly interrupted by the hostage they’re supposed to guard. As the tension rises, one of the gangsters sees an opportunity, whilst the other one is getting very, very annoyed.

Director Magnus Pormose Petersen 20, Aarhus
DOP Oskar Dalsgaard
Editor Christina Wennerstroem Radl

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short | fiction | comedy, Sweden, 2018, 05:17 min

In a moment hotter than wasabi, the phone rings. „ Why didn’t you pick up straight away? You sound out of breath, what are you doing?“

Director Julian Yderbo
DOP Julian Yderbo
Editor Frida Hammar

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The Factory

science fiction, Norway, 2017, 08:00 min

The Factory is a steampunk, sci-fi short film about a man, a robot and a cyborg working at a soda factory. One day there is a breach in the daily routines. It creates turbulences in the working environment, but inspires change.

Director Margareta Forsén-Andersen Orka
DOP Tonje Ness Meinhardt
Editor Stian Andreassen

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Snake | Gyvate

comedy | drama, Lithuania, 2017, 17:10 min

Eimantas and Miglė are a young couple, who finally decide to move in together. One day, while Eimantas is taking a shower, he notices a snake in the toilet.

Director Titas Laucius
DOP Laurynas Bareisa
Editor Titas Laucius, Laurynas Bareisa

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Immensity | Bezkres

drama, Poland,  2018, 6:12 min

A story of a tough split and last, ritual farewell with beloved person.

Director Adam Pietkiewicz
DOP Adam Pietkiewicz
Editor Adam Pietkiewicz

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The Apocryphal Prince | Den Apokryfe Prins

horror | drama | arthouse, Denmark, 2018, 16:00 min

A young man unwillingly goes to the church with his mother, where he meets a mythical figure who invites him to an underground club. While exploring this newfound dark territory, things are heating up at home and he will have to make essential choices about his life and identity.

Director Anton Isbrand
DOP Johannes Moe
Editor Johannes Moe

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Incarnation | Wcielenie

animation, Poland, 2017, 05:00 min

Blood, dirt and flies above a dying corpse create a frightening atmosphere of decomposition. A short story of life and death takes place in this naturalistic, disgusting scenery. The mutual influence of these two phenomena is unavoidable, just like a correlation between a man and nature. Yet, someone will have to lose in this struggle for balance in nature.

Director Barbara Rupik
DOP Barbara Rupik
Editor Barbara Rupik

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My Gay Sister | Min Homosyster

drama | youth | coming of age, lgbt, Sweden, 2017, 15:00 min

A relationship between two sisters is put to the test when a new role model appears for the younger sister Cleo. In the center of attention is the biggest question: How does one know that one is in love and are there any shortcuts to the answer? A short drama about the ability to create trust.

Director Lia Hietala

DOP Karin Stenwall

Editor Lia Hietala
, Karin Stenwall

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