21st FiSH – FilmFestival im StadtHafen
08 – 12 May 2024


German competition


North European  competition


Music video competition MV

MeKo Prize MV

Media competence -Award MV



Recap: Friday at FiSH

The first block of Young Film 2023 began on Friday, April 28 at 12:30 p.m. with a loud foghorn that alerted the audience of the M.A.U.Club to the start of the first short films of the FiSH Film Festival. After a melodic opening by the numerous choir members of the Käthe-Kollwitz-Gymnasium, Clara Winter as moderator introduced the themes of identity and relationship of the first film block. This comprised four short films.

Recap: Saturday at the FiSH

The next day opened with the fourth block of Young Cinema at 2:30 p.m. with five short films at the M.A.U. Club that embraced fantasy and cultural acceptance as well as queer tolerance. Starting with the animated film "The Glitter Problem" by nine-year-old Isabella Stiletto from Aresing, she deals with her love of unicorns in the form of a self-drawn unicorn animation. She was supported by her father in the editing. This was followed by another short film in the fantasy genre called "Der Zaubertrank".

Award winners of the 20th FiSH have been announced

The 20th FiSH - Filmfestival in the Rostock StadtHafen took place in the Hanseatic city from April 27 to 30. Nearly 3500 visitors came to the city harbor during the 4 days. Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig, Mayor Eva Maria Kröger and new Rector of the University of Rostock Elizabeth Prommer were on the scene at the start of the festival. On today's final day of the festival, the juries and the festival organizers announced the award-winning films.

Award ceremony of the FriedaFiSH 2023

During the FiSH - Filmfestival im StadtHafen Rostock the winners of the coveted FriedaFiSH Award 2023 were announced in the afternoon. The FriedaFiSH is an award that recognizes talented young filmmakers and offers them a platform to present their creative works to a young audience. An award by young people for young people.