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#36 Wschód Zachód | East West

Drama, 2020, 20:40 min

Approximately vier milion citizens of Ukraine left the country due to the war in Donbass, the annexation of Crimea and the outbreak of the ongoing conflict at the eastern border. Nazar fled the country because of the war. He tries to get used to the new reality, but this quickly verifies his life plans.

  • Director: Natalia Koniarz, 24 Y., Sułkowice, Poland

  • DoP: Stanisław Cuske

  • Editor: Yakiv Komarynsky

#37  Touché | Touché

Adventure | Drama | Humour | Social Satire | Thriller | Horror | Psychology, 2020, 03:47 min

”You“ are trying to get in touch with ”your inner self“, but it turns out you speak different languages and turns on the mode of self-destruction


  • Director: Sofja Gorelova, 20 Y., Tallinn, Estonia

  • DoP: Sofja Gorelova

  • Editor: Sofja Gorelova

#38 Manian lapset | Children of Mania

Fiction, 2021, 16:54 min

After their first record was an unexpected hit, siblings Vili and Malin have moved to the countryside with their band called “Children of Mania” to work on their second album. Malin keeps on exploiting their troubled childhood in song lyrics


  • Director: Anton Baer, 25 Y., Espoo, Helsinki

  • DoP: Iiris Sjöblad

  • Editor: Ella Kiviniemi

#39 Pink Pleasure Doom | Pink Pleasure Doom

Comedy, 2021, 03:29 min

A edgy emo band, ready to play a concert. What could go wrong?

  • Director: Maja Kjellstad Aanonsen, Mali Evjen, 21 Y., Volda, Norway

  • DoP: Maja Kjellstad Aanonsen

  • Editor: Maja Kjellstad Aanonsen