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#11 Haikara | Nesting

Drama, 2021, 20:04 min

“Nesting“ follows Veikka, a twenty-year-old boy about to quit his job at a construction site to start a new life in the big city. Veikka expects the goodbyes to go smoothly, but then something strange happens: they find a baby in the crane.

  • Director: Siiri Halko, 24 Y., Helsinki, Finland

  • DoP: Ari Virem

  • Editor: Saara Välimäki

#12 Til et yngre jeg | For my past self

Coming-Of-Age Drama, 2021, 11:54 min

Laura lacks direction in life, but when she meets the carefree Andreas one fateful night, she learns a great deal about herself and who she grows up to be.

  • Director: Kristoffer Bjerg, 24 Y., Copenhagen, Denmark

  • DoP: Albert Sverrisson

  • Editor: Kristoffer Bjerg

#13 Veini, Viina, Veidi | Veini, Viina, Veidi

Drama | Humour | Social Satire, 2021, 02:42 min

What kind of fantasies are occupying your mind when you‘re in a long queue and it‘s six minutes before store‘s closing time, but you really-really crave the bottle in your hands?

  • Director: Anna Semjonova, 24 Y., Tallinn, Estonia

  • DoP: Anna Semjonova

  • Editor: Anna Semjonova

#14 Bort och hem igen | There and Back Again

Comedy | Drama, 2021, 14:59 min

Svante can‘t let go of his late wife and in his search for her final resting place he bumps into young girl Love. An encounter that will change the course of both their lives.

  • Director: Linus Almqvist, 24 Y., Solna, Sweden

  • DoP: Josephine Jonäng

  • Editor: Linus Almqvist


Comedy, 2021, 05:39 min

Some people call it the butterfly effect, others fate or chance. But the nomen- clature doesn‘t matter, because sometimes it just so happens that an inconspicuous thing can cause an avalanche of absurd events. This thing can be literally anything. Even a remote control.

  • Director: Aleksander Zawadzki, 21 Y., Gdańsk, Poland

  • DoP: Mateusz Andrzejewski

  • Editor: Mateusz Andrzejewski