#40 Lilalicht | Purple Light

Documentary, 2022, 02:22 min

A documentary between red light and blue light. Everyday places and clichéd settings show that a wide variety of people are involved in sex work: from criminal 19-year-old teenagers to happily married lawyers.Two sex workers talk about their

  • Director: Anna Wagner
    24 Y., Köln

  • DoP: Benedikt Pawlis

  • Editor: Anna Wagner

#41 Live Action Role Play | Live Action Role Play

Documentary, 2020, 04:27 min

Lotta is a young woman – she always has been. But nobody knew that. Not even herself. It was only through Live Action Role Playing that she found herself – a role- playing game in which you put yourself in the skin of a character you have designed yourself and thereby enter a fictional reality in real space.

  • Director: Johann Schilling
    21 Y., Ludwigsburg

  • DoP: Johann Schilling

  • Editor: Johann Schilling


Horror | Comedy | Animation, 2020, 01:03 min

Humans encounter various monsters, with
each encounter carrying a consequence.

  • Director: James Smith
    24 Y., Hannover

  • DoP: James Smith

  • Editor: James Smith

#43 berühr‘ mich | touch me


Documental Drama, 2020, 27:45 min, CN: sexual acts

Christine was unsatisfied for a long time.Yet she has achieved more than some people who can walk. When she realises what she is missing, she summons up all her courage and meets a sexworker. The meetings are the most beautiful thing she has experienced so far. Nevertheless, she has to buy her time with Thomas.

  • Director: Hendrik Ströhle
    22 Y., Ludwigsburg

  • DoP: Lisa Jilg

  • Editor: Julia Schubeius

#44Salon Gloria | Salon Gloria

Experimental, 2020, 03:24 min

“Salon Gloria“ follows a mannequin brought to life along a nocturnal boulevard. Between illuminated shop windows and Japanese
puppet theatre, the film explores the
relationship between desire, advertising and

  • Director: Fabio Thieme
    22 Y., Berlin

  • DoP: Moritz Reinhard

  • Editor: Famil Agayev, Fabio Thieme

#45 Wird die Ampel wieder Grün | When the traffic light turns green

Music Video, 2021, 03:22 min

We all know it. The traffic lights turn red and we have to stop. But maybe we should enjoy this short break, because: „When the traffic light turns green again, everyone has to go his own way“. The song by the Stuber Crew is part of the EP “Schöne Grüße an den Hundi“, released in 2022.

  • Director: Stuber Crew, Tünde Sautier, Jonas Kleinalstede
    25 Y., München

  • DoP: Jonas Kleinalstede

  • Editor: Jonas Kleinalstede