Drama | Documentary | Fiction, 2021, 05:16 min

“INVISIBLE“ observes an isolated young woman in her home office routine. Every- thing proceeds in the usual monotony until she discovers a new function…

  • Director: Ella Knorz, 20 Y., München

  • DoP: Ella Knorz

  • Editor: Ella Knorz

#7 2083 | 2083

Sci-Fi | Drama, 2021, 12:50 min

A retrofuturistic future. Two young people are searching for more than the alienation and permanent commercialisation their world has to offer. A journey through time into a future, a past not too dissimilar to our present.

  • Director: Luis Babst, 21 Y., Berlin

  • DoP: Karl Jäger

  • Editor: Luis Babst

#8 Arbeitsvorgang | Arbeitsvorgang

Surrealist, 2021, 04:07 min

Two men are standing in a kiosk trying to communicate.

  • Director:Elisabeth Schäffter, Yannic Nierkens & Ferdinand Schäffter, 18 Y., Michelstadt

  • DoP: Elisabeth Schäffter, Yannic Nierkens

  • Editor: Elisabeth Schäffter, Yannic Nierkens

#9 Anklopfen | Knocking

Documentary, 2022, 05:03 min

What connects us with the person who lives next to us? Our kitchen floor that is his bedroom ceiling, the window from which only a lowered blind stares out onto the street, or the front door in front of which inhibited pleasantries are exchanged?


  • Director: Paul Galli 23 Y., Dieburg

  • DoP: Paul Galli

  • Editor: Paul Galli

#10 Lieferissimo | Lieferissmo

Romantic Comedy, 2021, 07:58 min

Tom falls madly in love with a Lieferissimo delivery boy. In order to see him again, he orders vast quantities of food for his flat- mate to eat. But again and again the food is delivered by a different deliverer. In order to see the love of his life again, Tom must therefore think of a new tactic…


  • Director: Lukas März & Killian Bohnensack
    22 Y., München

  • Kamera: Daniel Müller

  • Montage: Lukas März