#5 Ich weiß wie sich das anfühlt | I know the feeling

Essayistischer Dokumentarfilm, 2020, 04:46 min

In the summer Laura and Louis were still a couple. A year later I show Laura the photos from the holiday in Rügen. How much memories do photos encapsulate – can feelings be captured, recorded and preserved? In the film we hear interviews of Laura, while the images bring back the photos where they were initially taken.

Regie | director Bianca Kloß
24 J., Hildesheim
Kamera | d.o.p Bianca Kloß
Montage | editor Bianca Kloß


#6 Die Tragödie der Königin Hortense | The Tragedy of Queen Hortense

Fiktion, 2021, 16:45 min

Hortense and Achille sit in a fish restaurant when Hortense remembers her old love Jakob, who was eaten by the three-headed dog of hell Cerberus.

Regie | director Claudia Tuyết Scheffel
25 J., Hamburg
Kamera | d.o.p Julian Gillmann
Montage | editor Claudia Tuyết Scheffel
Web http://www.claudiascheffel.com

#7 Alone | Alone

Psychothriller, 2020, 05:26 min

The film “Alone” is about a boy who has just moved to a new city. At this point, he doesn’t know he is suffering from severe psychosis. Since he has no friends yet, he keeps meeting an imaginary friend. When he suddenly commits suicide, the protagonist becomes suspicious.

Regie | director Amechi Oji, Jakob Bey
14 J., Münster
Kamera | d.o.p Amechi Oji, Jakob Bey
Montage | editor Amechi Oji, Jakob Bey

#8 P | P

Animationsfilm, 2020, 05:51 min

The animated film “P” deals with the intimate and enjoyable devotion of an individual to his innermost “I”, as well as the confrontation with strong feelings of shame and one’s impact as soon as the illusion of being undisturbed is broken.

Regie | director Felicitas Knoche,
Clarissa Langer, Felix Müller
23 J., Ravensburg
Kamera | d.o.p Felicitas Knoche,
Clarissa Langer, Felix Müller
Montage | editor Felicitas Knoche,
Clarissa Langer, Felix Müller


Kurzfilm, 2019, 01:54 min

A young couple is on its way to an important appointment. Meanwhile some facts still need to be clarified.


Regie | director Carmen Langenbach,
Ajdin Ramovic,
Georg Reibel, Simon Liersam
18 J., Düsseldorf
Kamera | d.o.p Ajdin Ramovic, Simon Liersam
Montage | editor Ajdin Ramovic, Simon Liersam