#1 Fishing | Fishing

Fantasy | Action, 2021, 04:08 min

An author is looking for a book topic. When the ideas appear in front of her in the form of fish, she passes through the surreal worlds of her creativity in pursuit of them.

  • Director: Andreas Dürr, 16 Y., Bernstadt

  • DoP: Andreas Dürr

  • Editor: Andreas Dürr

#2 Die Geschichte von Eichhörnchen | Story of the Squirrel

Selfportrait | Application Movie | Tragedy-Comedy, 2020, 06:52 min

A memory of the experience with the squirrel that I had last summer at the Schneider family‘s house in Munich. I want to tell stories, but it is often the small incidents of everyday life that hold great fascination for me!?

  • Director: Bernhard Wohlfahrter, 23 Y., München

  • DoP : Moritz von Ribbeck

  • Editor: Bernhard Wohlfahrter

#3 Mother mẹ | Mother mẹ

Drama Fiction, 2020, 06:37 min

Mother May and daughter Mimi don’t get along and Mimi moves out. May processes the leaving by planting a beautiful garden in Mimi‘s room. While the whole room changes, May still keeps the bed of her daughter.

  • Director: Seoi collective, 26 Y., Hamburg

  • DoP : Marie Scholjegerdes

  • Editor: Anne Talenta

#4 Weltsichten in einem Song | World views in one song

Experimental, 2021, 06:35 min, CN: blinkende Lichter

In this experimental film with completely self-made music I show the suppression of world problems in times of the Corona pandemic. The topics like environment, climate, wars, rubbish, food… are more and more pushed into the background and the Corona pandemic takes over the world.

  • Director: Ole Kjartan Schreier 15 Y., Broderstorf

  • DoP: Ole Kjartan Schreier

  • Editor: Ole Kjartan Schreier

#5 Kummer | Kummer

Drama | Comedy, 2021, 09:00 min

David‘s hamster is dead. His cat Bello ate him. In his search for a friend with whom he can get his grief off his chest, David only meets people who are not interested. Full of despair, David finds a listener in his cat Bello.

  • Director: DREH DEINEN FILM!, 11 Y., Hamburg