Interactive Storytelling

Friday, 29. April, 14:30, Scholle & TeleFiSH

Interactive Storytelling

Let´s talk about the many fascinating aspects of an “interactive film” – where the viewer´s choices affect the outcome of the story itself – now made popular again on streaming sites such as Netflix and other gaming platforms. The discussion will be led by Ismet Bachtiar, who has mentored a series of experimental projects under the Nordic Youth Film Festival (NUFF) in Tromsø, in collaboration with young filmmakers and interactive developersaround the world.Ismet will be showcasing one of their most successful projects “NUFF Club”, an interactive film project developed in under a week, where he can then talk about the process and tools used in the development.

Ismet Bachtiar

  • Creative technology consultant/project manager focused on new media (VR/AR), games and makerspace offerings in Tromsö, Norway

  • » In cooperation with Tvibit & NUFF Nordic Youth Film Festival, Tromsø

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