How to get my films around the world?

Saturday, 30. April, 12:30 Uhr, Scholle & TeleFiSH

How to get my films around the world?

You have finished your short film? Congratulations! It‘s screening at FiSH? Great!
But that doesn‘t have to be the end of the line. Let‘s talk about how short films by young people get into cinemas and festivals around the world: Ciarda Tobin from the Irish Fresh Film Festival, Marija Ratković Vidaković from the Youth Cinema Network, Sebastian Apel from the Nordic Film Days and Stine Wangler from the Short Film Agency Hamburg.

  • Talk in English

Sebastian Apel

Kurator der Sektion Nordic

Shorts bei den Nordischen Filmtagen Lübeck

Stine Wangler

zuständig für den Vertrieb 

von Kurzfilmen bei der

Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg

Marija Rakovic Vidokovic

Youth Cinema Network

Ciarda Tobin

Fresh Film Festival Ireland