Award ceremony of the FriedaFiSH 2023

During the FiSH – Filmfestival im StadtHafen Rostock the winners:inside of the coveted FriedaFiSH Award 2023 were announced in the afternoon. The FriedaFiSH is an award that recognizes talented young filmmakers and offers them a platform to present their creative works to a young audience. An award by young people for young people.

The award ceremony attracted around 120 enthusiastic students from the Jenaplan School in Rostock to the cinema, who were able to vote themselves on site and eagerly awaited the announcement of the winners. The award ceremony took place at li.wu., one of FiSH’s main venues, in FIREDA23. The event was organized and supported by four students of the Jenaplanschule, who have been accompanying the FiSH since the beginning of the school year and moderated the event in a charming and relaxed manner.

In the run-up to the FriedaFiSH competition, schools from all over Mecklenburg-Vorpommern had the opportunity to vote for their favorite films. The Borwinschule, the Gymnasium Sanitz and the Freie Schule Rerik took part. Seven films from the current festival program were on the ballot. Together with the ratings of the Jenaplan students, the winner was determined.
The winner was the film PIZZA d’Amour by 27-year-old Elsa van Damke from Berlin. The film is about Suri and her side job as a pizza delivery girl. This leads her to the house of Thomas, a man in his mid-fifties. There she is confronted with her biggest nightmare: Her parents’ sexuality and the realization of her own double standards. The winner was cheered to great applause.

The FriedaFiSH is donated by Karo gAG, a company committed to promoting creative projects in the region and especially in Rostock. The cash prize worth €350.00 serves as additional recognition and support for the talented winner.

Hella Rihl, festival director of FiSH – Filmfestival im StadtHafen, expressed her delight at the awarding of the FriedaFiSH: “It is impressive to see how young filmmakers captivate even the youngest of viewers with their works and bring their creative ideas to life. TheFriedaFiSH enables us to give them the recognition they deserve and support them on their way. In addition, with this program and thanks to motivated teachers, we reach students from all over Mecklenburg-Vorpommern who otherwise might not have had the opportunity to visit a movie theater.”

The FriedaFiSH is the crowning finale of the FiSH 2023, which thrilled audiences with a variety of outstanding films, workshops, discussion rounds and community events.