Sleepless in Lübeck

Hello everyone!

I’m Lina and at the moment I have the honour of doing my internship at FiSH until the end of January AND writing this little blog entry.

I actually heard about FiSH for the first time this year. But as a native of Nordhausen (I come from Thuringia) I have a little excuse. But when the ‘FiSH Seminar’ was offered at my university this summer semester, I became curious. And after a few initial insights into the festival, I quickly realised that I wanted to gain more impressions in this area.

I’ve been here for less than a month and I was already able to accompany Hella to the Nordic Film Days in Lübeck. First on the agenda was a talk with Thomas Hailer, the artistic director of the festival, where I was able to listen in and absorb a lot of information. This was followed by a walk along the River Trave, which took us to an event at the European Hanseatic Museum. There, as part of the FUTURE NORTH programme, there were public feedback discussions with the filmmakers, who had previously given a brief insight into a project they were currently working on. “A project of the heart”, as Thomas Hailer called it.

In the afternoon, it was off to the cinema for a screening of various short films for children aged 10 and over, which reinterpreted the well-known mystery of the lost sock. (And yes, you can watch children’s films even if you’re an adult.) The last stop (before the train station) was the live podcast “BJF @ Parole Emil”, after which it was time to head home.

It was a really cool and exciting day!

Thanks again to Hella for letting me come along : )